Talent recruitment


HR Specialist

Job description:

1. Implement the recruitment workflow, coordinate and handle the procedures of employee recruitment, entry, resignation, transfer and promotion;

2. Establish and maintain personnel files, handle and update labor contracts;

3. Implement the operation procedures of various human resource management practices and the implementation of various rules and regulations, and cooperate with other business departments;

4. Responsible for employee salary settlement and annual payroll declaration;

5. Help establish employee relations, coordinate the relationship between employees and management, and organize employee activities.

6. Carry out new employee induction training, business training, implement training plan, contact and organize external training, and track and feedback the training effect;

Job requirements:

1. bachelor degree or above in administration, secretarial, Chinese and other related majors, with more than 1 year of experience in the same position.


2. have received training in document writing, file management, basic knowledge of financial accounting, etc.


3. have good written expression ability, have a certain foundation in English, CET-4 or above is preferred.


4. be serious and responsible, actively implement the assigned work, and have the spirit of team cooperation.


Fringe benefits:


1. 8-hour working system in large and small weeks, working and living together;


2. Purchase five insurances and one fund, commercial insurance, and worry free life security;


3. The company attaches importance to the career development of employees and regularly holds corresponding training and expansion activities;


4. Leadership nice, team atmosphere nice, provide broad personal career development space for employees;


5. With strong strength, the company has begun to prepare for listing within a few years, and the platform has broad prospects for development.