Company profile

Guangdong nengchuang Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company focusing on the hydrogen energy industry. As a branch company integrating R & D, production, sales, operation and maintenance, Qiangwei Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd. has been established in the mainland in response to the dual strategic spirit of the national "vigorously developing the new energy manufacturing equipment industry" and the "energy technology revolution and innovation action plan (2016-2030)".

The logo of Guangdong nengchuang Technology Co., Ltd. is a combination of CO win, water drop and lightning graphics, representing the integration of the company's top methanol reforming hydrogen production technology and fuel cell power generation technology.

The company is mainly committed to the research of hydrogen energy technology. Relying on the team's technical accumulation and experience over the years, the company integrates "methanol reforming hydrogen production technology" and "fuel cell power generation technology", responds to the needs of different scenarios, develops and manufactures various hydrogen production equipment and hydrogen power generation equipment, and breaks through the safety technology bottleneck of "hydrogen production, storage, transportation and charging". After the restructuring in 2018, the company cooperated with the world's most advanced hydrogen production technical force to set up laboratories in the United States, Hong Kong and Mainland China for joint research and development and production in the mainland.

The main products of the company include: MHG series methanol water hydrogen generator, and the main market is for major scientific research institutions, hydrogen energy research centers, fuel cell R & D manufacturers and hydrogen refueling stations; MFC series methanol water hydrogen fuel cell generator, its main customers include China's iron towers and three major operators, border posts, enterprise standby power and power companies in Southeast Asia; MVS series methanol water vehicle system is mainly used by heavy truck and bus manufacturers.

The company adheres to the working philosophy of "customer first, service first and pragmatic research and development", adheres to the enterprise spirit of "innovation, learning, kindness and perseverance", and pursues the people-oriented management concept of "knowing people well and making the best of their talents". Through the implementation of strategies such as open innovation, excellent operation management and human resource development, the company comprehensively builds the core competitiveness of the company with professional services, advanced technology and high-quality products, Achieve excellent brands and provide professional services.