CW-MFC10kW is a methanol water hydrogen fuel cell generator with a power of 10kw. The full closed-loop design concept greatly guarantees the reliability and service life of the hydrogen production machine, and is in the leading level of the industry. The whole machine adopts the modular scheme design to facilitate the production, assembly, operation and maintenance. The whole control system includes touch LCD control, WIFI control (mobile APP), remote wireless control (4G); remote control adopts Ali Cloud Internet of Things service, monitoring every device of our sales, dynamic alarm prompt, data sampling collection, etc.


The rated power of CW-MFC10kW is 10kW, and the output voltage is 48VDC (43~57VDC, programmable). Output can be programmed to limit flow, can flow, support multi-machine parallel. Other voltages or 220VAC and 380VAC can also be configured according to customer needs.

CW-MFC10kW can be used as the main supply or backup power supply inside and outside the house. Diversified application scenarios, such as: indoor and outdoor backup or main power supply; data center backup; emergency power supply; elevator backup power supply; charging pile, UPS, etc.



Application scenarios